Primetime Power Mix
Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:00pm\\
The "Primetime Power Mix" is an intense, genre bending mix of music by the talented DJ Evo Evolution 

About DJ EVO-Evolution:

History bends for none and is an unmerciful force. Only few are capable of grasping the reigns and confidently steering the style of time into their own design. Pioneers of what we know as an "era" are those who master the formula of radical meets classic with a unique delivery tailored for the tastes of the progressive palate. Creation has coveted her gift in one and opened the doors of her sanctum as done only for the chosen few.Rick Rubin, Pharell Williams, TIMBALAND. Artist. Producer. Pilot of the new wave. The evolution of sound has arrived, presenting "EVO-evolution" for your entertainment expansion. EVO-evolution was born in Long Island, NY where it all began on Melody Lane. Raised by grandparents, EVO-evolution took to music at an early age, experimenting with the trumpet before his passion for turntables and mixing solidified. At age 15 he had established a high school reputation as the one who would rock the party. The east coast soundscape and distinctive flavor of New York as championed by Funkmaster Flex and DJ Red Alert, set the tone for EVO's adolescence. Throughout high school, EVO sharpened his skills and opened himself to the world of music production and solo performance artistry.
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