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Officially Launched January 1st 2015, the Firing Squad Network has the ambitious goal of providing the listeners around the world with the best all around listening experience.  Besides a 24/7 stream of the latest & greatest from a variety of genres including Hip Hop, Dancehall, & Latin, Firing Squad Network also has weekly shows including the Audio Assault Mix Show, and more to come.  Tell a friend to tell a friend, Firing Squad Network is where you need to #LogOnAndLockIn


Mission Statement

Firing Squad Network aspires to provide listeners the best all around listening experience on the Internet.



Within five years, as of June 2nd, 2015, Firing Squad Network will be a profitable business and viable resource for low cost local community advertising by providing an engaging product that appeals to the Urban and Minority demographics.


Community Involement

Firing Squad Network is committed to taking active roles in our community and looks forward to working with any and all organizations towards the promotion of arts & sciences.  For information & collaboration email


Want to host a show?
Do you have an idea for a show you want to host on the Firing Squad Network.  Feel free to submit any ideas to  Please be clear and as descriptive as possible.  Following a "Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How" format works best for us.
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