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Lots going on.....let me tell you about it!

So we got a couple of things to touch on this post.

First off, we got the brand new release of Under The Radar: Resurrected Vol. 10! You see the player there, give it a listen, leave some feedback!!

Next we have an app for Android and a WebApp for iOS. Apple is way more stingy with apps that include live streaming of music, like mines does, but it is what it is. Either way, just scan the QR code whether you're iOS or Android it'll either take you directly to the app in the Google Play store or if you're on iOS, take you to the WebApp page in Safari where you can then "Add to your Homescreen". All functionality is the same only exception is that Android users will get push notifications, but iOS users can still read the messages sent. SCAN THAT QR CODE NOW!!!

Finally, I know it's been a minute since the last LIVE Audio Assault Mix Show but fear not, I got the scheduling down, and will definitely be WAAAAY more consistent, though there will be some weeks where I won't be able to do a live show, but I'll pre-record one earlier that week so we stay on top of content. But to that end I'm gonna need everyone to make sure they are following me on Caffeine at I have a goal to hit now to become an affiliate, it's time to push hard for that so please, visit the page, follow my channel, chat when I'm live, and just participate and have fun. I give shout outs, take requests, all that during my live show so yeah, let's turn up every Saturday from 7pm-9pm EST/4pm-6pm PST

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