• Vincente Sierra

Well look at what we got here......

So, if you've been paying attention, we've got some new things going on here at Firing Squad Network. For starters, we are now hosted at Live365. We have a new player at the top of the page, and that also officially makes us a legal and licensed online radio station! We'll be working on getting more music and featuring more unsigned/independent artists. We're leveling up this year, and I promise, once there's more things open and we can start hosting events, we're gonna be all over Central New York.

Speaking of doing more things, we have now launched an official Patreon page, because as fly as we are, we can't do these things off good looks alone, we gotta have the money for it! So please feel free to pledge any dollar amount you wish, we start as low as $5. Everything is appreciated and will be put towards better programming, expanding our roster of hosts, and of course hosting live streams from local bars/clubs/community events. If you feel so inclined to donate, please visit the Firing Squad Network Patreon page at the following link:

This has been quite a journey, from hobby, to now official station. The best is yet to come......STAY TUNED!!!

ya boy,

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